Mesmerized by Beauty by Amir G.

So I’m on snapchat. My username is heycassi. 

Feel free to send me stuff… my only request is no dick pics.



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Well, I got paid today.

Then I reinvested my money into TTU football tickets with the sole purpose of reselling them. 

Ticket scalping hasn’t let me down yet. 

My boss has officially approved for me and another nurse to go with a medical group to do a clinic in Nicaragua this summer. :D 

I’m sooo excited. Fingers crossed that everything works out!

And maybe if we ask really nicely we can get the company we work for to partially sponsor our trip. :) 



Universal truth:

Wine tastes significantly better after the first glass. 


i fucking love this picture, such a serene statue in what appears to be an extreme flood, represents my idea of Buddhist culture and thinking really
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My Beautiful Girl by Chris Fischer
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"Kirkjufellfoss" by JavierLt (http://bit.ly/1jLp4Et)

Sand, under a 250x microscope

file under things that make me want to cry about the magnificence of the world