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The Dark LakePhoto Credit: (Maxime Courty)

I haven’t been active on tumblr lately because I’ve been in Nicaragua. It was fantastic! I hope everyone has been well!

"Why is a porn blog following me"
Ancient tumblr user proverb (via cutemutant)

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Dahlia being mesmerizing 4
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So to apply to Texas AM School of Medicine you have to register for a BAMF account. Don’t mind if I do.
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Epic Night

La Push, Washington

Waterfall Gulfoss by Hans Kool on Flickr.
25 Facts On Napping


  1. Abandon all-nighters - Foregoing sleep by cramming all night reduces your ability to retain information by up to 40%. If you can, mix in a nap somewhere to refresh your hippocampus.
  2. It doesn’t mean what you think - If you know you have to pull an all-nighter, try a…

Sea of petals: Fuji and the moss phlox.